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We offer a wide range of services all outlined below. For more information on any of our services please contact us here.

  • Artificial Insemination

    Artificial Insemination

    Gillivervet has been involved with AI for over 20 years. The demand for AI has dramatically increased.

    CHILLED SEMEN: is available from national & european stallions by next day delivery thus mare owners have access to the best european competition bloodlines. Having mares on site at Garwood we can manipulate there breeding cycles to accommodate delivery times for national & international shippers.

    We provide excellent stables for mares & mares & foals. We feel it is vital that mares are well cared for in spacious well bedded boxes and are well fed in order to maximise pregnancy rates.

  • Frozen Semen & Storage

    Frozen Semen & Storage

    FROZEN SEMEN: The major advantage of frozen is that the semen is available at anytime when it is required.

    Our pregnancy rate for frozen semen is over 70%, without selecting optimal mares i.e we achieved this rate by inseminating all mares presented for frozen semen in 2008. We have onsite frozen semen storage facilities & all semen is evaluated on site whether it be fresh, chilled or frozen.

    All mares have a pre breeding check & we can offer a semen collection & evaluation service.

  • Lameness Investigations

    Lameness Investigations

    We offer comprehensive investigation facilities for lameness workups.

    We have a hard trot up area & a sand school for lunging and ridden evaluations. Horses can be stabled prior to lameness evaluation in comfortable boxes and then the investigation carried out in optimal conditions.

  • Diagnostic Procedures

    Diagnostic Procedures

    We have a dedicated ultrasound scanner for soft tissue, e.g tendon & ligament to produce high quality diagnostic images.

    X-ray facilities are used to detect bony changes. We have 2 endoscopes (long & short)to evaluate the upper respiratory system. Scoping is used to evaluate respiratory noise, nasal discharge, haemorages & coughing.

  • Dentistry


    In the last 6 months we have increased and improved our dental equipment & techniques within the practice.

    We have facilities available for all routine rasping, large overgrowth reductions, tooth fractures & all aspects of diastema work including cleaning, flushing, widening and temporary packing if required.

  • Farriery


    Farrier facilities are available on site & we have weekly attendence for corrective farriery & remedial shoeing.

    This ensures an excellent working relationship with farrier and vet.

  • Routine Health Checks & Vaccinations

    Routine Health Checks & Vaccinations

  • Hospitalisation Facilities

    Hospitalisation Facilities

    We have full hospitalisation facilities 

  • Worm Egg Counts & In House Lab

    Worm Egg Counts & In House Lab

    We can perform worm egg counts & run bloods in house

  • 24 Hour Emergency Cover

    24 Hour Emergency Cover

    All out of hours is covered by our own vets

  • Pre Purchase Vettings

    Pre Purchase Vettings

    Pre Purchase Vettings including Pre Purchase Xrays if required

  • Height Certificates

    Height Certificates

    We are official measurers for the JMB, please call the office if you require an appointment.  www.thejmbonline.co.uk

  • Microchipping


    This is readily available and a new law introduced in June 2018 requires all horses, ponies & donkeys to be microchipped by October 2020

  • Holiday Livery

    Holiday Livery

    Owners can book their horses in for full livery whilst they are on holiday, ensuring first class accomodation and attention.

    This is a limited facility and should be booked well in advance.

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